Heavy duty modular belt conveyors

Heavy duty conveyors from Conveyor Systems are available in a wide range at a competitive price. 


Designed for a large variety of industrial applications, suitable for production lines, warehouses, and industrial environments. The heavy duty conveyor is designed to withstand heavy use, and be resistant to damage, chemicals, and corrosion. As a result you’re guaranteed a conveyor that will continue to run reliably and efficiently in all eventualities. 

Generally constructed from mild steel with a durable powder coated finish, or alternatively available in stainless steel. Conveyors are fully customisable, with choices of belts, rollers, frame material, colour, and capacity. 

Heavy duty conveyors are ideal for moving heavy loads, such as manufacturing components, particularly in the automotive industry. Due to the ability to run at higher speeds, better throughput rates can be achieved. 

Conveyor Systems can integrate your heavy duty conveyor into your existing system, or design and build a complete new conveyor system at a competitive price.