Swan neck belt conveyors

Swan neck belt conveyors are normally used for the transportation of non uniform items where height changes are required within process.

For example with plastic moulding machines from the machine exit to working height. Or within food process to feed hoppers or to convey product from a low level machine to a working height.

Fitted with a flighted conveyor belt to support the products are they are inclined, or a grip faced belt if the product has a uniform base. The conveyor structure is normally manufactured from powder coated mild mild steel or stainless steel fabricated components.

From light weight plastic parts or food ingredients. To heavier duty applications. As UK manufacturers and suppliers we are able to supply and support your swan neck conveyor requirements.

Basing the conveyor around our standard proven design, produces a reliable conveyor, delivered on a shorter lead time and reduced costs.

Bespoke manufactured conveyors, if they are based on standard design, provide a good mix of reliability against cost. Manufacturing to belt conveyors to suit customer specification, rather than a compromise.

Available with the following options.

  • Flighted belts to stop fall back.
  • Side guides to contain loose products.
  • Castors to allow the conveyor to be moved.
  • Fixed or variable speed.

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