What is a Slat Chain Conveyor and when would I use it

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What is a slat chain conveyor and when should I use it?
Slat Chain Conveyors are ideal of use in applications where a roller conveyor and PU belt conveyor are not suitable. For example when conveying irregular shaped items or where some accumulation is required. Slat conveyors are often used within bottling and canning applications. Along with bagging and dosing conveyors. Due to the low friction character of the chain they are ideal for side transfer onto automation or end of line accumulation.

Visually the chain has the appearance of a tank track with a smooth top, where each link is joined with a hinge. They are also able as a straight running belt or a side flexing for when more complex layout conveyors are required.

Slat belts are a great solution for corners where radius bends are required. The belt is positively guided within a machined track ensuring smooth, safe operation.

What do SPG Conveyors offer customers with regards slat conveyors?

As a leading UK manufacturer of slat conveyors, SPG will select the most suitable slat chain for your specific application and product. Design a conveyor and layout to suit your process and machine layout. Along with manufacture a cost effective, reliable conveyor which requires minimal maintenance. We offer stand alone conveyors or fully integrated bespoke conveyor systems. With belts either plastic or stainless steel and frames normally made out of stainless steel . Spaceguard is an ideal manufacturing partner