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Incline Conveyors

We manufacture stand alone incline conveyors for integration as well as complete conveyor systems

Incline conveyors are used to transport items between differing levels, from floor to floor or to create a bridge in a conveyor line.

All equipment is UKCA or CE marked.

We manufacture to meet your specific requirements so please contact our team with your enquiries.

Swan Neck Conveyors

Inclined & swan neck conveyors are typically used for transporting items over or under obstructions.

The swan neck conveyor can also be used as a 'bridge' to allow access through the conveyor system. These conveyors are also commonly used for in-feeds and out-feeds when used alongside machinery.


Swan Neck Conveyors

Mezzanine Conveyors

Mezzanine conveyors are a cost-effective alternative to installing goods lifts.

These inclined floor to floor conveyors allow for safe and simple product transport between the floor level to an upper level or mezzanine.


Mezzanine Conveyors

Incline Conveyor Example Video

Incline conveyors are often used for feeding material into machines or waste containers

This inclined belt conveyor was made to transport polystyrene waste into containers ready for further processing.

We can also create the belts with flights to help move the material more efficiently and prevent fallback.

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SPG Conveyors are used daily by a wide range of third-party logistics, manufacturing, food production, and product assembly businesses in the UK.

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