As UK manufacturers, We are able to supply a wide range of stainless steel conveyor equipment. Suiting Food and Pharmaceutical applications. With options to suit your specific requirements.

Stainless steel manual assembly and packing conveyor lines

As UK manufacturers of stainless steel conveyors and equipment. Whether your requirement is for a easy re-configurable or custom built packing line. Spaceguard is an ideal partner. Manufacturing to suit your specific specifications. From stainless steel conveyors, side or inbuilt worktables or end of line rotary packing tables. Spaceguard are an ideal partner for the production a reliable solution to suit.

stainless steel gravity roller conveyor

Stainless steel gravity roller conveyors


Manufactured to your specifications. Fitted with either stainless steel or PVC Rollers dependent on the application. With formed stainless side channels. Stainless steel legs, complete with adjustable feet. Normally delivered on a short lead time. Stainless steel conveyors are a lower cost solution to reduce manual handling. Whether your requirement is a short section at the end of a sealer or a full packing line. Spaceguard is an ideal partner for all of your gravity roller conveyor requirements.

Rotary Packing Tables

Normally placed at the end of packing or process lines, they are used to accumulate products, creating the packing staff time. As standard our Rotary packing tables come in 4 different diameters, 800, 1000, 1200 & 2000mm. Manufactured with a stainless steel frame complete with a food grade PE1000 work surface. They also have options for sweeper arms & un-scramblers for infeed applications.