Mezzanine belt conveyors

Mezzanine belt conveyors are used for the transportation of unit loads up and down from mezzanine floors to ground level. Spaceguard Mezzanine belt conveyors provide a smooth, safe transport method for uniform and non uniform loads.

Manufactured to suit your specific floor and product dimensions. This type of belt conveyor provides a safe and efficient method of the transporting of goods inter-floor.

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mezzanine belt and roller conveyor system

Conveyor Layout

The normal layout of a mezzanine belt conveyor, is dependent on the products been conveyed and whether you require items to travel in both directions. Normally for both you would use a horizontal conveyor at the bottom. This allows the product to be conveyed smoothly on and off the incline section. (If rollers where used for this section the item would get stuck in the rollers. At the top of the incline conveyor. It is also preferential to use a horizontal belt conveyor, rather than simply a gravity roller conveyor. This allows a little more control of items on the conveyor belt.


Motor: Dependent on length and direction of travel. These type of belt conveyors have will have either an end roller drive. (If the conveyor is short enough) Or an underslung centre drive. (Used for longer conveyors – These are also ideal for bi directional conveyors). The motor on this type of incline conveyors should always have a brake fitted – or if only used for uphill conveying, a backstop. Both of these are to stop the conveyor rolling backwards if the stop button is pressed.

Belt: The normal belt on a mezzanine is either to rubber or PVC Gripface belt. This gives the increased friction to keep the product in place on the conveyor.

Frame: Manufactured from a folded and fabricated mild steel. The slider bed and side guides are designed to be robust to enable product to stay on the conveyor.

mezzanine belt conveyor

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