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Conveyor control panel

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Spaceguard are an ideal partner for your conveyor automation equipment. Producing conveyor control panel to suit application specific requirements. From a straight forward variable speed and remote stop. Through to more complex PLC operated conveyor systems. Along with simply controlling the conveyor equipment. Spaceguard is able to offer the electrical installation of all conveyor equipment supplied. Please contact our sales team to discuss your individual requirements.

Simple conveyor control panel

Simply for the conveyor to be started and stopped is the most common requirement. We would normally add the addition of variable speed control. This allows the speed to be adjusted to match conveyor or process equipment, up or down stream. The addition of inverter drives within panels also provide a number of other benefits such as motor current protection.

Safety equipment

Most basic conveyors should carry at least a remote stop linked into the start / stop circuit. This coupled with the emergency stop function within the inverter is the bare minimum which should be adopted. However within the panel for most complex conveyors. An emergency stop safety relay and provision for safety interlocks can be added. This adds an additional layer of safety to any conveyor system. Protecting users of the equipment.

Sensors and automation equipment

By using sensors to both control equipment safety functions. The conveyor can be more productive. For example. A simple PEC on the end of the conveyor to stop the belt when a product reaches the end. Then automatically starts when the product is removed. These are often used with PLC’s for more complex operations.

PLC conveyor control panel

PLC control for more complex conveyor functions, such as converging conveyors or more complex conveyor systems. Spaceguard is able to provide a turn key package from conveyor equipment and panel design through build. To installation and commissioning. Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.