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Factory & Production Line Conveyors

Factory & Production Line Conveyors Solutions made in the UK to suit your requirements.

Conveyors are widely used in factories and assembly lines to improve component and materials movement and reduce the need for manual handling. We have worked with many businesses to design efficient assembly line conveyor systems to suit their exact requirements.

Production line conveyor systems require a high level of customisation to optimise existing processes, so our team works with you to understand your manufacturing and production processes. We can then make recommendations about what type of industrial conveyor system and conveyor types will suit you best. We can also manufacture replacement conveyor modules for your existing assembly or production line as required.

All equipment is UKCA or CE-marked and comes complete with operation and maintenance manuals.

Please contact our helpful sales team if you have any questions.

Factory Conveyors FAQ

All factory & production line conveyors are delivered fully assembled or installed by our team.


Can you replace our current factory conveyor system?

If you require a replacement conveyor system for your manufacturing site we can send an engineer to look at your current conveyor system and gather the required information to provide a free quotation.


Can you help us with our factory layout?

Yes, we can help you with your factory layout and make suggestions for the best way to lay out your conveyor system. We can also provide layout drawings, 3D renders, and interactive room models.


Can you manufacture stainless steel conveyors for food factories?

Yes, we regularly manufacture stainless steel conveyors for food & pharmaceutical applications.


Can you recommend ways to optimise our production line?

Yes, our team has a wealth of experience in the ways conveyor systems are used for production lines, please give us a call so we can have a chat about your ideas.

Working With Us

SPG Conveyors are used daily by a wide range of third-party logistics, manufacturing, food production, and product assembly businesses in the UK.

We offer tailored solutions to suit our customers' needs:

If you need modular conveyors for your business then please contact us by phone, email, or try out the live chat feature for a free no-obligation quotation.

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