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Warehousing & Logistics Conveyors

We manufacture Warehousing & Logistics Conveyors, stand alone conveyors for warehouse integration as well as complete warehouse conveyor systems

SPG Conveyor Systems is a UK manufacturer of robust industrial equipment, our conveyors are made specifically to suit your requirements.

All equipment is UKCA or CE marked.

Please contact our helpful sales team if you have any questions.

We create complete warehousing & logistics conveyor systems

Warehouse conveyor systems can be created using our range of reliable conveyor units and equipment, we take a modular approach to system building as we know no one solution is suitable for everyone.

Our warehouse conveyor systems are created using a combination of the following equipment:

  • Belt Conveyors
    Belt conveyors are extremely versatile and are used in warehouses and distribution centres for transporting products of varying sizes and shapes.
  • Gravity Roller Conveyors
    Gravity roller conveyors are a low-cost, simple, and unpowered conveyor variety which makes them a cost-effective solution for transporting flat bottomed items such as crates, boxes, and totes.
  • 24v Powered Roller Conveyors
    This type of energy-efficient powered roller conveyor can be used to create zero-pressure accumulation zones.
  • Lineshaft Roller Conveyors
    Lineshaft roller conveyors are commonly used in warehouse environments for simple transport as well as for low-pressure accumulation.

  • Rotary Packing Tables
    These are commonly placed at the end of a conveyor where products can then accumulate for packing or further processing.
  • Flexible Conveyors
    Expandable and flexible conveyors are ideal for areas that are short on space as they can easily fold away for storage. This also makes them suitable for infrequent use, a common usage is for loading and unloading deliveries.
  • Packing Workstations
    We can provide fully bespoke packing stations made to suit your space and your products.
  • Guarding & Safety Barriers
    Our industrial guarding and warehouse barriers help to keep your machines, products, and staff free from accident or injury

3PL Warehouse Layout
We provide drawing, renders & interactive models of proposed designs and layouts so you can see your project as it comes together

We take care of the design, manufacture, and installation of your warehouse conveyors

We've worked with hundreds of businesses to ensure their warehouse conveyor systems are fit for purpose, we can offer site visits to assess your needs, and then our design team creates bespoke conveyor solutions to suit your space and products

  • Free site visits to assess your needs
  • In-house design team
  • Layout drawings & 3D renders can be provided
  • All equipment manufactured in Hull, East Yorkshire, UK
  • We provide single stand-alone conveyors as well as full warehouse systems
  • All Conveyors are made bespoke to your specifications.


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Working With Us

SPG Conveyors are used daily by a wide range of third-party logistics, manufacturing, food production, and product assembly businesses in the UK.

We offer tailored solutions to suit our customers' needs:

If you need modular conveyors for your business then please contact us by phone, email, or try out the live chat feature for a free no-obligation quotation.

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