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Modular Belt Conveyors

We manufacture stand alone modular conveyors for integration as well as complete conveyor systems

Modular belt conveyors are an extremely robust solution for most transport applications. The belts are hard-wearing, and with the correct specified material, they can be used for the transportation of sharp-edged products.

The easy-to-clean design is the ideal solution for direct food applications or areas where chemicals are used.

The positive drive on modular belt conveyors increases reliability, whilst the materials used in its construction are ideal for washdown environments.

We also manufacture conveyor belts with traditional flat belting materials.

All equipment is UKCA or CE marked.

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Technical Details

All modular conveyors are delivered fully wired and complete with manuals and food-safe materials information. Alternatively, you can request installation from our experienced installation engineers. Click here to learn more about how modular belt conveyors work.

Conveyor Details

Min/Max Length: 500mm - 10,000mm
Min/Max Width 150 - 2000mm
Min/Max Height: 130 - 1500mm
Frame material: Mild Steel (Powder coat paint finish)
Stainless Steel
Supports: Welded ‘H’ section - with levelling feet or castors
Drive Type:  Geared motor (end-drive)
End Diameter: 100mm
Load Rating:  Up to 100kg per meter


Belt Details

Materials: Polypropylene (PP)
Polyethylene (PE)
Acetal, Polyacetal (POM)
Belt Types: 1/2”, 1" , 2" pitch
Open or closed pitch
Side flexing


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Modular Conveyor Belting

Plastic modular belting has a range of benefits including:

  • Extremely robust and resistant to wear
  • Can be used to transport sharp edged items
  • Modular plastic belting is easy to install, repair, replace, and clean
  • Suitable for use in hot & cold environments (-50°C to 90°C)
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Food safe

  • Positively driven using sprockets so the belt does not slip
  • Suitable for use in wet environments
  • Modular belts do not need to be tracked
  • Highly versatile, used for straights, bends, inclines, and declines
  • Sidewalls and flighted belts available
  • Available in many materials, colours, and finishes

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Application Example - Packing Conveyor

In this example, you can see the conveyor is used for transporting packaged food (cucumbers) so they can be packed into crates.

This conveyor system includes a belt conveyor to transport items through the hole in the wall and a twin-lane modular belt conveyor with side guides.

Modular belt conveyors can be used for both packaged and unpackaged food products as they are suitable for washdown and use in wet environments.


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Application Example - Box Turning Conveyor

In this example, you can see the conveyor is used for turning boxes to the correct orientation ready for labelling.

This conveyor system features two modular conveyors with side guides set at right angles, an enclosed box pusher, and a turning wheel to gently turn the boxes prior to them reaching the outfeed.

These types of conveyors can save hundreds of hours of labour, increase overall efficiency in packing lines, and help improve the uniformity of labelling.

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SPG Conveyors are used daily by a wide range of third-party logistics, manufacturing, food production, and product assembly businesses in the UK.

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