Gravity conveyor systems

As UK manufacturers and suppliers of standard and bespoke gravity roller conveyors. Spaceguard is an ideal material handling partner. From a one off gravity conveyor module to fully integrated lean packing and assembly workstations. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, fitted with zinc plated, PVC or stainless steel rollers. Mounted in a robust fabricated, powder coated steel or stainless steel framework. Gravity roller conveyors can be manufactured with length, width and roller diameters to suit your requirements. Gravity roller conveyors are ideal for moving unit loads, including cardboard boxes and totes

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lean roller conveyor workstation

Lean gravity conveyor workstations

Gravity roller conveyors are ideal for inclusion into assembly or, order fulfilment work stations. Roller conveyors, reduce manual handling and improve personnel working ergonomics. With inclusion of bespoke process equipment, including packing aids, scales, lighting and IT equipment. These units are designed to suit your specific requirements. To improve productivity, whilst reducing operator manual handling requirements, and bring ongoing payback on your investment

Bespoke gravity roller conveyor systems

Spaceguard has a long history or working with customers to deliver highly productive gravity roller conveyor systems. As an ideal partner for the design and manufacture of gravity roller conveyor systems. to suit your specific requirements. From small diameter rollers to heavy walled bespoke roller conveyor systems, Spaceguard works with customers through the whole process of specification, design and manufacture. To deliver robust, reliable and productive gravity conveyor systems.

bespoke gravity transfer table
two tier gravity conveyor

Twin Tier Tray Return Gravity roller conveyor

Twin tier gravity roller conveyors. Are ideal for full tray on top and empty tray return at the end of process. Often used within assembly of security metal detection areas. Lengths and widths can be manufactured to suit your specific requirements.

Special application gravity roller conveyor systems

Manufacturing roller conveyors which protect products along with managing fluid wastes such as coolants, de-greasing solutions or oils. Is an area where Spaceguard has a wealth of experience. From Aircraft wheels to machined engine parts. Spaceguard build robust special application roller conveyors to suit your requirements.

gravity conveyor with fluid catcher
gravity roller racking

Gravity roller racking

Gravity roller racking provides an ideal solution for assembly cells and order fulfilment lines. been up to 80% more productive than conventional static racking, allowing personnel to be more productive and reduce manual handling. As a UK manufacturer Spaceguard is able to build first in fist out or push back tracking types to suit your specific products

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